Internal Regenerative Cation

The Internal regenerative cation and anion mixed-ion exchanger(abbreviatiom:mixed_hed)is the refining equipment for primary purified water.It has strong acid and strollg alkaline lOil exchange resin The primary desalinated water passed through nlixed—bed can become purified water with electrl Cconductivity of≤0 20hm/cm and Si02≤0 02nlg/litre And lt Call be used as make—up watel’for ultra—high pressure beiler or once through beiler.
This equipment can also be used in the clectronic industry, pharmaceutical industry.petrochcmical industy clearindustry etc as well as purifying sugarliquid.glycerol and polyethylalcohol. Undertile circunrstances that the raw water has relative lower salt content aild the water consumption is not large, it is also suittable to separately adopt mixed-bed to desalinate water. 

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