A. engine
The production of 680t/h and the high and low pressure film type deaerator and water tank, high and low pressure spray type deaerator water tank and filler, a full complement of feedwater deaerator, no type deaerator, and to cooperate with the Department of energy conservation division, production of energy-saving type deaerator for energy generation, low and high. Continuous discharge of sewage, the expansion of the container, and the discharge of the expansion of the steam trap product specifications are able to 600 thousand ~ 20 kilowatts unit matching.
B. chemical water treatment equipment
With various types of ion exchange regeneration, countercurrent regeneration of top pressure (no pressure) Yang (female) ion exchange, ion exchange, carbon dioxide removal device, floating bed ion exchanger, double chamber floating bed ion exchanger, double chamber double bed ion exchanger, ion exchanger, washing tower, acid (base). Acid (alkali), metering box and so on, all kinds of chemical water treatment equipment can meet the needs of the user requirements and Design Institute of chemical water treatment equipment can be matched with 600 thousand units. Has been with the Suzhou East water treatment company along with the development of unit 300 thousand medium pressure condensate water treatment equipment (the introduction of British "cone"), has been put into operation in power generation (such as the Qinhuangdao power plant, Henan Anyang power plant, Taiyuan power plant, the first 300 thousand KW unit).
C. milling system
Various types of axial type coarse and fine powder separators, air lock, wood block separator, separator etc.. Such as the Hubei Hanchuan power plant, Hubei power plant in Xiangfan, Shandong, Hubei Zouxian Power Plant of Huangshi power plant etc..
D. steam turbine
The production of 50 thousand kilowatts units below the corresponding high and low and condenser, and with the Yangtze River power company long-term support (which is the Yangtze River Power Company factory).
E. heat exchanger
The production of various specifications of the steam water heat exchanger, a water water heat exchanger, high and low peak of heater, fuel oil heater, steam accumulator, and all kinds of two kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel heat exchanger subject.
F. all kinds of one or two types of carbon steel and stainless steel chemical equipment, non-standard equipment.
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