Production conditions and major equipment

Office building: 2500m2

The existing production workshop: 18 m × 125 m workshop two 4500 m2

24 meters × 125 meters workshop a 3500m2

13.8 meters × 60 meters workshop two 1650m2

12 meters × 50 meters workshop a 600m2

And equipped with steel, profiles, welding consumables (1, 2 Treasury), hardware accessories, fuel paint, measuring tools, and other seven professional warehouses, the factory also has guest houses.

Lifting equipment: 30t double beam driving 2, 20t double beam driving 2, 10t double beam driving 3, 5t double beam driving 1, 5t landing door one. (The maximum lifting capacity of 70 tons).

Welding equipment: automatic welding machine 5 (sets), 45 sets of silicon rectifier.

Other equipment: 1 large shearing machine, 2 large rolling machine (40mm), all kinds of metal processing, cutting, milling, planing, drilling and other machine 95 sets (sets), the cremation detector 1 , X-ray detection machine 5, 1 ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic flaw detector 1, a groove molding equipment, materials physical and chemical properties of the laboratory.

Above all kinds of equipment can meet the existing production needs.